There are times in our lives where we feel like there is something more to us than we can describe. Sometimes those feelings stay with us our entire lives and most go unknowingly, that they are meant to be apart of a much bigger picture in the world, rather than having a daily routine that they are used to.

The sad part is that most of them would rather live comfortably with their easy lives instead of taking risks, going on adventures, seeing new places, meeting new people. For some reason none of this entices them! Maybe it’s because they are busy, maybe it’s because they simply don’t want to. Either way, it is important to realize our fullest potential and never stop achieving the great heights that we aspire too.

Here are some signs that can tell you if you were meant to be a part of a much bigger picture in the world.

1. Extreme Idealist
The world may have it’s ups and downs, but as an idealist, you prefer to see the best in everything even if it isn’t there yet. There are times in your life where you feel powerless or unable to control anything that is going on around you. However, you recognize that even if things are a little chaotic, there is a ray of light somewhere amid the calamity. People often look to idealists for new ideas and ways for them to better the future for everyone, not just one specific group.

2. Filled with Compassion
You tend to be a very passionate person and will often times offer your services for free, especially if it’s something you love doing. The things you enjoy in life do not have a price, and how could you possibly ask for one? Just by making people smile and showing them new and amazing things, you have already done your job by inspiring the world around you. People look up to you when they want to try something for themselves, and you are the fire that ignites the curiosity of so many others.

3. Waiting for Inspiration
There are times where you leave projects unfinished. Not because you do not want to finish them, but simply because you are waiting for the right moment or the right inspiration to rekindle your creative side once more. You prefer things to be perfect in your image. You want to make sure that your entire heart will be put into every single effort you make on something. This can result in some of the most glorious masterpieces in the entire world.

14. Relentlessly Empathetic
You are able to feel what others feel, as well as what the entire world feels, simultaneously. It is hard to be an empathetic person with your ability to understand all at once. Sometimes you can even feel overwhelmed by how much you want to express. Nonetheless, you are there for your friends when they need you, and you are there for the planet when it needs you the most. There may even come a time where you will want to drop everything to go and help someone for fear of being too late.

5. Despise Working For Others
More often than not, you really despise when you have to work for people other than yourself. It’s not because you don’t want to help, it’s mostly because you know you could be doing much better things for the world, than to be ordered around by someone whose intentions are just as shallow as the place they work at. This can leave you feeling defeated at the end of the day, knowing that you could have been a part of the world in some other more meaningful way.

We are all a part of a much bigger picture, it just takes some time to actually realize it!