Around the world people are undergoing a spiritual awakening, experiencing changes and otherworldly experiences that they can’t quite clarify or understand. Here are 5 signs that what you’re experiencing is a spiritual awakening.

1. You feel a renewed connection to everything

From God to nature, the people around you and humanity as a whole, you feel a renewed sense of connection to what is happening around you and in the community in which you operate.the one mind

You feel more love, more joy, more hope and optimism, and you feel like you are part – an important part – of a larger picture.

Sometimes the enormity of it dwarfs you, making you feel very small and insignificant too.

2. You question your spirituality & identity

Speaking of a renewed connection to God, many people will begin to be more curious about, and eventually evolve into questioning, their faith.

Like most human strategies of approach, we go to what we know first. This means that many people experience a spiritual awakening as a renewed interest in their faith – because that is what they already know.

Eventually thought this will evolve, as you question your existing ideas of who you are and what you believe and begin to strip them bare, enabling new ideas, insights and beliefs to take their place.

3. You battle to sleep between 11PM and 3AMshutterstock_216156904

Seems weird to have battling to sleep between 11PM and 3AM in the middle of this list, but it’s such a common characteristic that it truly is worth mentioning.

The reason this happens is because of your Chinese Meridian or energy system. Between 11PM and 1AM, your gall bladder meridian is active. Gall Bladder is your main processor and where you do all your deep thinking.

Between 1AM and 3AM you’re working with liver meridian, and liver processes anger for you. You tend to have a lot of anger to process when you first experience a spiritual awakening.

4. You get angry

At the beginning of your journey, as your experience of love, appreciation and acceptance expands as you awaken spiritually, you experience the opposite of paradigm blindness.

Whenever you are in a situation in life, your mind does a very quick Google-like search through all of the memories in your brain to find the experiences that are most like the one you are facing at that moment.

shutterstock_344526086In this way, your mind has a map of good and bad choices that you’ve made in the past to draw on, which enables it to make better choices in your current position.

This is why, for example, you are quicker at making decisions about what to do in a situation or area when you’ve had more experience in it. Your mind has so much information to draw on – and so much practice drawing on information in that area – that it is immediately able to offer you a variety of solutions – and know which one will be the best option to exercise.

Paradigm blindness is when you don’t have any experience of that particular aspect of something, and therefore you have no memories to call on that can help you understand that situation. It’s why people can’t see when you’re smarter than them as well – they actually aren’t smart enough to know that you are smarter them. It’s paradigm blindness.

So the point of this long lead in is that until you experience spiritual love, you have paradigm blindness to what love, acceptance and appreciation truly are.

As your understanding of these sacred concepts advances, your mind will begin to show you the ways that your understanding of the emotion has changed, by processing the new contrast in your mind as a thought.

Because the natural mechanism of spiritual energy flow, including intuition, is via your emotional system (i.e. that’s how you experience it by default), you will often experience anger or other negative emotions when you become aware of these contrasts in your understanding.

As your awareness and understanding further grows, you’ll also find yourself starting to become angry and intolerant of the people around you, first as you become aware of your own mirrors, secondly as you begin to mitigate your ego, and thirdly when your awareness of the larger human and social cause kicks in and you become aware of how much their limitations hold them – and the rest of us in the world – back.

5. You become more anxious

The very first lesson of consciousness is always responsibility equals power.

This concept is backed up by the studies and findings of Sir David Hawkins in his bible on kinesiology, Power vs. Force.

shutterstock_167849009Every new journeyer kicks off their journey by becoming aware that they are responsible for creating their world with their thoughts, deeds, feelings and actions.

This tends to go hand in hand with an awareness of the responsibility that entails as well though, and that sense of responsibility can weigh heavily on you at first. As a result, it’s really common to find yourself feeling panicky and worried, especially after the first flush of awareness – the honeymoon period – has passed.

The good news is that this is really a sign of your growing consciousness and awareness – you’re only thinking about these things because you have the power to change them, and you’re becoming aware of the actual thoughts that you think – which is where your power lies to change the situation.

If you are one of the many experiencing a spiritual awakening at Earth on this time, then welcome to the light side… we’ve got the best cookies and brownies.

I promise you this journey is going to be well worth your time and investment. You will find the fulfillment you seek.