4 million pounds of contaminated powdered milk causes widespread recalls

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Your mac and cheese, your chips and other foods may be all caught up in this mess

What do mac and cheese, tortilla and potato chips and monkey bread mix all have in common? Unfortunately, all are being recalled because they may contain milk powder contaminated with salmonella. We’re talking at least 4 million pounds of contaminated milk.

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Recalls are different these days. Now it’s often not just about one product. It’s about several seemingly different products that all happen to have the same key ingredient. Over the summer, it was flour contaminated with listeria. Now we’re learning that 4 million pounds of powdered milk were seized from Valley Milk Products LLC after the FDA found the facility and its products were testing positive for salmonella.

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Brand Castle LLC recalled its monkey bread mix and Shearer’s Foods LLC recalled its tortilla and potato chips because they contain the possibly contaminated powdered milk (used as flavoring). Meanwhile, TreeHouse Foods recalled three mac and cheese products, including the Great Value line sold at Walmart. They didn’t call out Valley Milk Products, but their recall is due to milk product (cheese flavoring) possibly contaminated with salmonella.

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Because this is a hot mess, we’re going to direct you to a few different notices so you can get all the info you need.

Great Value and other brands mac and cheese recalls

In the Mix brand monkey bread mix recall

Deep River and other brands potato and tortilla chip recalls

Take a good look at the list of recalled chips because there are several different brands there you’d never know are related.

Hopefully, this is the full extent of the contaminated milk “spill,” but we’ll be watching and updating if more foods become involved.


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