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Network of Global Corporate Control – Karen Hudes – Oct 25 2016

https://youtu.be/wwlJeC1OVTg We need the Global Currency Reset because the existing money system is corrupt and is unstable and on the edge of failing. The central banks are private corporations, and they are creating our money and charging us interest on country debt. This is a scam. Teleprompter: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvt..

Tesla Magazine – John Titor

  Source: http://thecrystalsun.com

Tesla Tech At CERN/Circle The Wagons


Trump In The Eye Of The Storm


Another Rainy Night – Queensryche


Leaked Document Recommends False Flag Alien Invasion To Save Clinton Campaign – Michael Salla

https://youtu.be/iTDSED6BPQo https://awakeandaware.ca/project-blue-beam-2/

The Russians Did It! (A Parody)


Trump Drains The Swamp In Final Debate


What Will Happen If You Open Your Third Eye

By Dylan Harper via Dream Catcher Reality The Third Eye is directly related to the 6th chakra — the psychic chakra, located on the middle of the forehead above the brows. It is closely associated with the “pineal” gland. The pineal gland is dormant in most people, as is the true Third Eye. You can’t argue with the fact that the Earth is waking up from this...

30 mindboggling facts about the Ancient Anunnaki

According to numerous ancient texts and books written throughout the years, hundreds of thousands of years ago, before recorded history, planet Earth was visited by astronauts from an alien world. These beings came down to our planet bring knowledge and technology to primitive man. According to The Oxford Companion to World Mythology, the Anunnaki: “…are the Sumerian deities of the...

Skydiving Into ‘Cotton Wool’ Clouds


92 Percent of the World Population Breathes Polluted Air

By Dr. Mercola Just two short years ago the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report stating that a mere 12 percent of people living in cities that reported air quality standards were breathing air that met WHO standards.1 The new 2016 report released this month is even worse, as only 8 percent of people worldwide are breathing air that meets...