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Network of Global Corporate Control | Ending Cover Up | Sept 13 2016 – Karen Hudes

https://youtu.be/NogiKKZl9_Q Returning to gold in the international monetary system; Exposing Corruption and Cover-up; Proof that the legal and accounting professions are corrupt; US Congress declaring state of emergency every year to suspend the Constitution of 1789 since the Federal Reserve placed the US into bankruptcy

12 Things That Should Absolutely Be Made From Hemp For The Sake Of The World

Hemp holds the key to a healthy future for our lives, and our children’s lives.  By Johnny Green According to the National Hemp Association, "hemp can grow nearly anywhere in the world, in many types of soil — even in short growing seasons or in dry regions. Hemp can grow without pesticides. The crop also kills some weeds, purifies soil, and is suitable for...

Gale Force Wind Warnings/Tornado Watch

https://youtu.be/APY63QtLrxQ All Weather Links @ http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com

Close Encounters with Clifford Stone – Summary & Analysis – S5-E15 – Corey Goode & David Wilcock

https://youtu.be/ZbVcQNACA6I Source: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com http://spherebeingalliance.com

Runnin’ With The Devil – Van Halen

https://youtu.be/i5txwFv-zYM https://youtu.be/2Dq-k_jzEtI

Hillary’s Collapse – It Was All Staged


9/11/16: Manufactured Hurricane Erin