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Aerial Footage of Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Leak


Russian air defense system Tor-M2U


1950s U.S. Nuclear Target List Offers Chilling Insight

WASHINGTON — Target category No. 275 from the nuclear target list for 1959 may be the most chilling. It is called simply “Population.” For the first time, the National Archives and Records Administration has released a detailed list of the United States’ potential targets for atomic bombers in the event of war with the Soviet Union, showing the number and...

Human Health Risk Assessment For Aluminium, Aluminium Oxide, And Aluminium Hydroxide

Identity, Physical and Chemical Properties, Analytical Methods A compendium is provided of aluminium compounds used in industrial settings, and as pharmaceuticals, food additives, cosmetics and as other household products. Most aluminium compounds are solids exhibiting high melting points. The solubility of aluminium salts is governed by pH, because the aluminium(III)-cation (Al3+) has a strong affinity for the hydroxide ion, which...

Boycott Monsanto!


RT’s most popular videos of 2015


The Indian River Drains Out for the First Time Revealing Incredible Ancient Secrets

For the first time in history, a combination of drought and overconsumption of water have pushed the river in India, the Shamala river in Karnataka to its limits, revealing under its bank secrets that have shocked the archaeological community.  The receding river has revealed the presence of thousands of Shiva Lingas which were carved in the distant past along the...

First GMO Corn, then Frankenfish, and Now — Get Ready for Designer Babies

  By Janet Phelan We knew it was coming to this. The GMO revolution wasn’t going to stop at our dinner table. But did we think it would happen so soon? The first week in December, delegates from the top three gene-editing countries—China, the UK and the US—met in Washington, DC for a symposium on the future of gene-editing. For those not...

Who Was I in My Past Life? (How to Discover Your “Inherited” Core Wound)

by Aletheia Luna Loner Wolf Most of us are curious about reincarnation and whether we have come to this planet “before.” "Who was I in my past life?” is a common question asked these days and there’s no shortage of answers available. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find a handful of fun pop quizzes that narrow down what gender you...

Muslim of the Year Award


Time Travel Wars of Aliens and Men, ISIS & Galactic Awakening – Sean Stone w/ Andrew Bartzis

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3KdHYM-aZ8] Alien time wars and the galactic conflict being fought on Earth, and how ISIS in Syria is symbolic of a larger clash and chaos are explored with galactic historian Andrew Bartzis. Explore the different alien strains, reptile families, and church conspiracies that are orchestrating global disorder, and reaffirm that the Earth is not flat after all, in this...