The Inca Civilization

Technologically advanced for their time, they developed advanced irrigation technologies and built amazing cities with huge stone slabs. Their civilization fell over night and the people abandoned their homes.

Great Vowel Shift

During the Middle Ages the British speakers of English dramatically changed virtually all vowel pronunciations over the span of one to two generations. We still have no idea what prompted this rapid change.

2000 Year Old ‘Computer’

An analogue device from two thousand years ago was found in a shipwreck. The Grecian device is also called Antikythera mechanism.

Voynich Manuscript

This early 15th century codex is written in a language no one has been able to crack. Computer programs, linguists, code breakers, and even intelligence agencies have tried to decipher the contents. It is believed that a key is necessary to decode the unknown language. There are many illustrations of herbs and complex diagrams. It is thought that the codex comes from northern Italy.

Gobekli Tepe

The 12,000 city found in modern day Turkey started as a temple or church. The massive city is 300 meters in diameter. The city was abandoned for unknown reasons. The lack of information about the actual city doesn’t help as we can only speculate its importance.

The Money Pit On Oak Island

The island has been long plagued with rumors of treasure and artifacts. Everytime someone starts to dig, the site floods. Due to many excavations, the island is littered with archaeological equipment from the last century.

The WOW Signal

Heard in 1977, the WOW! signal is a strong narrow band radio signal that lasted 72 seconds. The signal has never been found again. The frequencies present in the bandwidth lead researchers to doubt a natural origin.


Found in central Pakistan, the name translates to ‘mound of dead men’. One of the oldest urban areas. No one certain why it was called the ‘mound of dead men’ or ‘the hill of the dead’. A lot of humanities firsts can be traced to this city, like domesticating chickens.

Coral Castle

Located in Florida and built with stones weighing many tons, stories say that a single man built the structure. The builder, Edward Leedskalnin, was asked many times how he manipulated those heavy blocks by himself. He said he understood the ‘secrets of the pyramids’.

The Dancing Plague Of 1518

This was a real case of ‘dancing mania’, that took hold of four hundred people for a month in Strasbourg, Alsace. During the month people danced for days with out rest, some people died of stroke, exhaustion and heart attack. Physician’s notes, cathedral sermons local and regional chronicles, along with notes from city council from the times prove that this was a real occurrence. To this day there are no explanations.

Benjamin Kyle

This man was found behind a Burger King with severe amnesia. His fingerprints, DNA, and picture brought up no identity. To this day no source has positively identified this man.


Grigori Rasputin was known as ‘the mad monk’ or a holy man. His life was interesting and full of curiosities. How he was able to stay the advisor to the Tsar is another topic of debate. The night he was murdered, he was poisoned, beat and shot to kill him off. He was apparently supernaturally hard to murder.

The Green Children Of Woolpit

In 12th century England, two children wandered into the village of Woolpit. The children were green! They spoke an unknown language and would only eat beans. The story gets stranger as they try to integrate into society.

Die Glocke

An occult weapon made by the SS, it was a fifteen foot bell with oscillating cylinders within it. When activated it caused animal tissue in the area to be filled with crystals and plant to ‘melt’. Scientists and spies claim they saw this device in operation.

The Life Of American Psychic Edgar Cayce

Cayce is an American psychic that foretold a number of events in the 20th century. With no medical training he pioneered the made of metal in fixing human joints.

1917 Sun Movements

In 1917, Fatima, Portugal, 30,000 to 100,000 people saw the Sun dance through out the sky.



Source: http://thespiritscience.net