People have made an art project out of cleaning their home. It is an intense and beneficial form of therapy. When you de-clutter your house, you are also cleaning off junk from your mind. A Japanese form of therapy involves several stages of cleaning out your own cupboard. In trying to go through the things you have been hoarding, you realize what you have been holding on to, and finally learn how to part with some memories of the past. This is an important step in achieving better mental health, and also growing up into a proper adult.

Here are 10 suggestions on how to achieve a positive vibe in your home which will make you enjoy it even more!

1. Burning Sage

What is a famous name in the chéf circles, this plant is used in cooking. Being found in abundance along the Mediterranean regions, this has many healing properties. If you burn sticks made of sage, and roam around the house, then you will be welcoming positive energy into your domain. Let this smell relax you as you think positive thoughts.

2. Clear Out Things

If you don’t actively use something, throw it out, or give it to somebody who needs it. A cleaner and more organized space will only contribute towards your blissful mental health. By clearing things out from your home that you don’t need anymore, you are also cleaning the mental junk of your mind.

3. Buy A Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is basically a purifier of bad vibes. You can eat this salt too, for a healthier body. However, in the lamp-form, it cleanses the air and the aura. It wards off negativity, and it is highly beneficial if you invest in it. It clears the air, helps your breathing and improves your sleep.

4. Turn On Music That Makes You Happy

When you are grooving to a favorite track, it automatically works towards fixing your mood. Putting on good music around the house will help settle the vibe on a happy level. Constantly listening to music that makes you happy can have a drastic effect on your mood. So put some tunes on and enjoy the beautiful energy it fills you with.

5. Practice Meditation

This is one of the most important methods one should undertake in order to maintain a healthy life. Turn off your being for a while and just meditate. You could play some soothing tracks to assist you in the process, but make sure it is nothing that interrupts with the calming rhythm of meditation itself.

6. Use Essential Oils

I agree that they are a bit of investment, but they are definitely worth it! They are the most underrated of stress relievers. If purchased from a credible company, they can work wonders of your health. You could even google good combinations, and implement it in your house. You can use them as massage oils or even add a few drops when taking a bath.

7. Grow Plants

Having nature around you can completely change the way your view a residence. It makes it seem more open, cozy, and much more happy. The energy that Nature brings with it cannot be substituted by anything else. Artificial plants may look good, but the energy of natural plants is irreplaceable.

8. Burn Incense Sticks

The smell of burning incense sticks calms people down a lot. This practice has been a part of several ancient cultures, and with good reason too. You must only buy the natural variety otherwise it could have the very opposite effect. You can even learn how to make your own incense.

9. Surround Yourself With Fresh Flowers

A bit of natural color in the house will make it seem and feel even more vibrant. Seeing bright splotches of pink and yellow will make you feel much happier. It is also a great way to lighten up the color scheme of the house.

10. Open The Blinds

Let the sunlight in. It makes a world of difference to how you feel. This is why most people desire open-settings in their house, so that it may be filled with sunlight. Not only is it healthy, but it also helps you shake out of your reverie. Sunlight is great for easy-access therapy.