😳 FEAR And The Coronavirus – Karen Swain

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OK we have seen a lot of fear lately and crazy behavior from mass panic over the so called pandemic, called the coronavirus. HOW do we deal with this? How do we help other deal with their fear? Embodying more of our true nature is the aim of many a spiritual seeker, explorer and the reason why we have spiritual awakenings. This is when we become deliberate with how we flow our energy here on earth. We know no matter what happens to us in life, we can meet it with compassion and understanding. And not allow the circumstances of life to depict the way we think and feel and ultimately the way we live our lives. WE ARE POWERFUL POWERFUL Beings of LOVE and LIGHT and BEAUTY. Time to Live it!
How are you going to be a part of the light forces who are creating a world we all want to live in? Here is a powerful Deliberate Creation teaching from KAren and the Mob! Enjoy! See more here

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