North America, The Middle East And Fukushima – Paul Sandhu w/ Leuren Moret

❁ Berkeley, CA., July 18, 2014 ❁… ❁ Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup ❁ Interview, July 17, 2014 ❁

❁ ❁ Unification of N. America ❁ ❁ Theater of Tension, the Middle East ❁ ❁ Fukushima Update ❁ ❁

❁ North American Union ❁

❁ UC Pres and former Head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano now in Berkeley rolling out west coast JESUIT takeover of N. America: VIDEO:… “Leuren Moret: DHS/Napolitano using Berkeley, CA template to overthrow USA — Organized Gangstalking, EMF Cop Toys, HAARP/Chemtrails, Grid Changes”
❁ Napolitano Jesuit trained at Santa Clara Univ. w Gov. Jerry Brown, CIA Head Leon Panetta etc.
❁ Unification and SMART METERS will make electricity use and mind control apps possible on global population from INMARSAT satellites centrally located in London. Napolitano is first step to total control from satellites – described years ago by David Rockefeller and Z. Brzezinski
❁ Obama’s PIVOT TO ASIA part of Unification of N. America necessary to develop mining interests in Canada, transport resources through the US on NAFTA highway to Mexico, shipped from Mexico to China.
❁ Second Malaysia Airlines flight shot down, this morning on border of Ukraine and Russia.
❁ Calif. is first big rollout of police state implementation, Napolitano involvement reveals that the Jesuits in charge of NWO transformation

❁ Nuclear False Flags: Theater Of Tension, the Middle East

❁ Historic world oil prices since 1946 linked to Nuclear false flags and radioactive wars to boost $ value and support oil prices
❁ Theater of tension in Middle East created to justify radioactive wars and land-grabs in Iraq for oilfields and depopulation of civilians.
❁ New war starting up in Iraq used as excuse to revisit war there with US troops and mercenaries
❁ Nuclear and radiological weapons used causing global drop in population and fertility since 1950, greatly escalated with 1990 Gulf War.
❁ Historic Palladium world prices indicate when neutron mininukes were introduced in Middle East and Central Asia – around 1990, with disease rates mirroring palladium demand and price fluctuations. Palladium is used in 4th generation neutron nukes.
❁ Story: of 2 miners in Kootenays of BC Canada I met extracting Palladium from a closed smelter slag pile for Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons lab to stockpile. Russia is main producer in world.
❁ War on civilian populations since about 1990 has transitioned to neutron mini bombs in M.East and C.Asia, and neutron pulses and blow ups from Fukushima.

❁ Neutron Pulses and Nuclear Typhoons; Fukushima Update

❁ Coverup: Neutron pulses from MOX fuel in Reactors 3-4 damaged 14 reactors at 4 nuke plants within 200 miles of Fukushima
❁ Reported only in JP News: Tōkai reactor did secret releases of huge amounts of radiation during Fukushima disaster, but did not inform govt or public. Scientists around the world could not understand where so much rad came from – more than Fuku likely to release.
❁ Nuclear typhoon “Neoguri” (July 4) dumped huge amounts of rain on Japan and Fukushima creating a nuclear typhoon that will cause further contamination of N. America. Fukushima geological environment now like a swamp, greater danger of reactor buildings collapsing from increase groundwater and damage to infrastructure from Wigner effects.
❁ Fukushima will continue to release huge amounts of radiation from “Fukushima neutron pulses and blow-up regimes” that are a new phenomenon newly reported from MOX fuel melting. VERY DANGEROUS and much more powerful than any weapon held by any military.

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“The ruling elite have been carrying out secret nuclear war for the purpose of depopulation since World War II under the guise of atmospheric testing ‘for the national security,’ nuclear power ‘too cheap to meter’ and depleted uranium ‘kinetic energy’ bullets”
-Leuren Moret