Most might not know what Wormwood is and how it is all connected to the events of the present age. Eddie explains the facts and data never told by anyone of what and who is Wormwood, and why the people say to some, it is fear mongering. How is this connected to the ancient Biblical references of the Day of the LORD? Understanding the events that are taking place as we know them at the present, how are they connected to the mythical Planet X-Niberu? Eddie will show us the current data that many governments agencies know about and yet have not told the world. Eddie shows again the proof and the data. Then the understanding of why some call it fear mongering.

Eddie shows current data to the facts of Niberu and where it is located, how it can be seen, and when the time it will arrive? Simple Astrobiology and Physics for those to understand. How this system is affecting the rotation of Earth and the other planets. The data speaks for itself and the proof is even harder to ignore.

Wake The Sheeple!

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