One of the most disgusting things about the delusion we are being forced to live in, is the amount of people who are willing to betray their planet, their fellow man, and the species to keep the population ignorant of the truth. These people, who don’t think we have the right to understand what has happened to the Earth, who don’t think we have a right to know why a different community gets washed away every day, and who don’t think our lives and property have any value, also think they have the right to terrorize and silence any who dare to understand the truth.

For ten years these people have used every conceivable sleazy tactic to defame, defund, dismiss, and disappear me and this work, and it always – leads back to the same place. My viewers know very well – I don’t say anything I can’t prove. Dane Wigington & Co. have been attacking me, lying about me, and doing everything imaginable to discredit me, for one very obviously reason… they want to suppress the truth of this work. The fact that Dane Wigington still has that overwhelmingly proven false “Cooling Tower” document on his site, proves it all by itself.

In this video (and I’ve shown it numerous times before), I show a patent for equipment and an application for water vapor generation, that Dane Wigington says doesn’t exist. The equipment for this patented application is installed at 62,500 Power Plants around the world, can viewed in action conducting the patented application every single day, can be viewed on GOES satellite and Nexrad radar every single day, and Dane Wigington calls the recognition of that reality “ridiculous,” and “not worth debunking.”


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