• james

    My name is James,I am a father of two and I do know what to do.Shut down the tar sands and when the polar vortex settles we ionize gold at the stratosphere.This will patch the ozone layer long enough to by our kids time.Next is to change our transportation system to one that burns clean energy.Ram-Forced Hydrogen combustion transportation,all frames carbon composite and bodies 3D printed.It is what our national job’s program must be for our future.We are not abandoned we are just to stand up as one for humanity.The Yazidi’s know who the father is.I to also know.Ask yourself what did the Annunaki need to repair their atmosphere with?We are him and we must stop the Koch brothers.James of Spring City(423)463-5382.I do know every thing we are supposed to do.Right now if you do a little research you will see that by Yazidi prophecy President Barack OBama is the Peacock angel.He is the Father of two and is stopping the Kochs with tactics by asking Saudi King to over produce oil,that is the reason behind low oil prices.We must go green to stop our children s deaths.I need the veterans help!