Bloomberg is reporting that scientists are “stumped” at the increase in “Tornado Outbreaks.” All scientists have to do to understand, is watch this video. Given the fact that I’ve been opely proving this reality for years, the fact that the evidence is irrefutable, and given that the process can be witnessed every single day, it’s had to quatify how ifuriated this lack of understanding in the scientific community really is.

In the last 24 hours, the south has been hit with sudden raging wildfires, followed by a sudden swarm of 22 tornadoes, followed by Flash Flood alerts. Entire communities have been devastated by this sequence of events, and the Governor of Tennessee has declared this the worst fire even in the State’s history.

Surely this mayhem must seem like the wrath of God to the poor people devastated by this assault, by as my long-time viewers know – it has nothing to do with God. Although the meteorological community refuses to acknowledge the glaring reality of how and why these events occur, the real reasons are very easy to illustrate and prove. “Mother Nature” is certainly not the cause.

Detailed explanation and background on the realities I’m about to show, I strongly suggest reading my eBook. In a succinct 40 pages it give the background and history for why this global weather system exists in the first place, but here I’m just going to point out the highlights.

1. Wildfire smoke produces the best CCN: Carbon ash from fire provides the best ‘natural’ Cloud Condensation Nuclei available. As has become quite commonplace, these fires (just like the fires all month) suddenly ignited, just before this tornadoswarm system materialized. I say ‘materialized,’ because it didn’t ‘come in’ from anywhere. It “fired up” in place, as illustrated below.

2. Massive in-place Water Vapor Generation (timed to fuel the incoming Heterodyne Wave / Gravity Wave – Storm Front) “fires up” and incorporates the smoke CCN, to create the ‘storm system.’

3. Additional converging Heterodynes Waves and Generated Wind Sheer creates the Tornado Swarm, all along the front end of the storm system.

4. The massive Water Vapor Generation that was shot into the air to create this multi-state storm front, comes back down as Flash Flood Rain (3-6 inches in 6 hours in Tennessee).

To the initiated of course, this sounds like insanity. However, after you have watched it happen on GOES satellite imagery a hundred times in exactly the same manner, it’s about as shocking as watching the Sun rise. l Although I’m putting together a video to illustrate this yet again, the fact is I have already thoroughly documented this exact process. The two videos below fully explain and illustrate the wildfire smoke generation, the Water Vapor Generation, and the Heterodyne Wave Generation that repeatedly create these systems and cause this tremendous devastation. This isn’t something that can be dismissed as wild conspiracy theory. I can easily be documented, every single day, by anyone willing to look with their own eyes. As always, I invite any meteorologists or climate scientists (with a name, face, and reputation to stake), to comment on or challenge this reality.

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