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‘Top secret CIA virus control system’: WikiLeaks releases ‘Hive’ from #Vault7 series

© Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / Global Look Press Hive, the latest batch of WikiLeaks documents exposing alleged CIA hacking techniques from ‘Vault 7’, details how the...

Stuxnet, Fukushima and the Inevitable Cyber Apocalypse

by Dylan Charles; Waking Times In the classic apocalyptic film Terminator, future planet earth is under siege by sentient man-made robots of war seeking to...

Android Virus: Ragentek Android OTA update mechanism vulnerable to MITM attack

Original Release date: 17 Nov 2016 | Last revised: 17 Nov 2016 Overview Ragentek Android software contains an over-the-air update mechanism that communicates over an unencrypted...

Extreme Weather and Events – Sept 8 2016


1947 Rockefeller Patent Shows Origins Of Zika Virus – Took 70 Years to Weaponize...

https://youtu.be/UxMcyoBy8iY https://youtu.be/6WQtRI7A064

ZIKA Virus Premeditated Warfare FL


FDA approves genetically engineered mosquitoes to combat Zika virus

Genetically engineered mosquitoes have been approved for field trials in Florida by the Food and Drugs Administration, in order to battle the spreading Zika...

Is Mainstream Media Cooking Up a Fresh New Zika Virus Psyop Scare For This...

By Bernie Suarez There are many tools that the Western cabal resorts to in order to deceive and enslave us as the year goes by....



The Sad Truth About War


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