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Abel Danger Re: Flight MH370, False Flags And More

Published on Mar 28, 2014 This was originally a Live interview with Abel Danger: Field McConnell and David Hawkins on Thursday March 27th broadcast on...

Diego Garcia: Investigation into Government complicity in CIA programme is ‘expedient on grounds of...

 Conservative MP Andrew Tylie said the 'full truth' of whether there was British knowledge of the practice may now never be known. Andrew Tyrie, a...

Captain of Flight MH370 Officially Identified As Prime Suspect!

Is that the best they can come up with, LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1Bx0cXLOnkA

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search now a total circus as officials say pings actually...

If you can believe it, the Indian Ocean area that has been intensely searched for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has now been...

“There Is Not A Trace Of Evidence The Plane Has Crashed! There Is Ample...


Flight 370 – Indochina – Libya – News – Morris


NSA Classifies MH370 Material


Marine Links Serco 370 Sim-Track to Obama Crossed Keys Red Switch Hack

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco director Maureen Baginski’s alleged use of a simulator for man-in-the-middle tracking of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot...

The Answer to Flight 370! EEC Spy Satellite and A Little Common Sense!




The Sad Truth About War


Everything is OK