Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink

Climate Change “Hoax” – Bill Still

World headed toward ‘suicide’ if no climate agreement: pope

REUTERS/DANIEL DAL ZENNARO/POOL The U.N. climate conference in Paris is most likely humanity's last chance to thwart global environmental disaster, Pope Francis said on Monday,...

The Paris Climate Meeting: A Quick Guide

This photo from NASA's Suomi NPP satellite shows the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth in "Blue Marble" view. Credit: NASA/NOAA View full size image by Kieran Mulvaney, Discovery...

The Elite are Preparing/World Warning.

Take the $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge!

Obama gets climate change deal assist from Google, Coca-Cola and Walmart

President Obama met with executives at a roundtable at the White House on Monday, as part of his efforts to enlist corporate America in...

If We ALL Gave Up Meat Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change in Agriculture - Report  

CME, 4.4 Quake CA, ISON Fireball? Climate Change 1/15/2014