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The Climate Change Hoax Tipping Point

If the blathering blowhards of the dinosaur media and the Chicken Littles of the Twitterverse are to be believed, the world has officially come...

Our Sun Is No Longer Yellow

by Norman Bird, Guest writer, In5D.com Humanity is undergoing an ascension of consciousness, as outlined by the Mayans. Who said, basically, “the old world would come to...

Nikola Tesla & The Fake Climate Change ‘Choice’ – David Icke

https://youtu.be/RxwoaX6rO_E http://awakeandaware.ca/nikola-tesla-patents-and-books-released/ http://awakeandaware.ca/steven-d-kelleys-presentation-on-nikola-tesla-his-life-inventions-technology-and-relevant-subject/

Weather is NOT Climate!

https://youtu.be/sT4133vfTmk SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=17535 No, weather is NOT climate...even when it's warm outside. But in case there's a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise,...

Save The Planet From Climate Change: Tax Meat By 40%

By Daisy Luther There’s a brand new way to save the planet, and a group of professors from Oxford University wants to force the issue...

Charity calls on DiCaprio (Illuminati Puppet) to step down from UN climate change role

Alex Ritman The Hollywood Reporter © Olivier Marteau on Twitter A rainforest charity calls on the star to either denounce his connection to individuals involved in a...

World’s Banks Driving Climate Chaos with Hundreds of Billions in Extreme Energy Financing

A coal-fired power plant in Germany. (Photo: Guy Gorek/cc/flickr) Wall Street continues to back the most polluting fossil fuel industries "at the expense of some...



The Sad Truth About War


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