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Dimensions, Consciousness, Unity, Sheeple, Positive & Negative ETs, SSP, Taking Our Power Back! – JayPee w/ Alex Collier

[youtube] Intro slowed to half speed due to tech issues. apologies.

‘Don’t hold US-Russia ties hostage to internal politics’: 5 takeaways from Putin’s Fox interview

President Vladimir Putin © Grigory Dukor / Reuters US media have blasted President Donald Trump for not properly confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit. In an exclusive interview, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace tried to do just that. Wallace’s one-on-one interview with Putin was recorded immediately following the Helsinki summit and aired during the Bret Baier Special...

Media Go Insane After Trump-Putin Summit – Five in Ten

[youtube] The mainstream media is controlled by globalists. That's the only explanation for the New York Times and Boston Globe literally calling President Trump a traitor for daring to talk with Vladimir Putin.

False Honey Is Everywhere, Discover How To Know The Difference

by lencedavidovska65   The honey is a delicious ingredient that has many benefits and works to treat multiple diseases. It is one of the foods with more benefits in the natural world. However, it sometimes gets a little costly. It is common to be tempted to buy the cheapest honey from the gondola at the supermarket. Or you believe in misleading advertisers,...

10 Smart Ways to Prep Without Spending Money

by Daisy Luther Are you convinced that you can’t prep unless you have a whole lot of money to spend? That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all sorts of ways you can become better prepared without spending a dime. The thing to remember is that there is a lot more to prepping than just feverishly filling mylar...

A step closer to quantum computers: Researchers show how to directly observe quantum spin effects

Schematics of spin-dependent photovoltage generation and experimental setup. a Schematic of the device structure with bias current Jc applied along the x direction. The laser is focused on the device with normal incidence. b Optical image of the device with a representation of the electrical connections. Scale bar is 50 µm. The scanning area is indicated by a yellow box....

Analysis of the Peter Strzok Congressional Hearing

[youtube] *Strictly the opinion of Bombards Body Language. The full video can be viewed at the link below.

Freight train derails near Quebec-Ontario border, Canada

[youtube] A Canadian Pacific freight train derailed in Saint-Polycarpe, near the Quebec-Ontario border, on Monday night, drone footage released on Tuesday showed. There were no injuries reported after 25 of the 95 rail carriages derailed, according to Canada's environment ministry. Two carriages containing propane ran into the river that runs through the municipality, as two other carriages stopped on the riverbank.

Helping the Homeless Through Farm-to-Table Training

[youtube] There’s a San Francisco garden growing more than just produce. In a city plagued by homelessness, the Farming Hope Initiative offers urban farming and cooking training to those without a place to live. The program aims to give participants skills that can lead to full-time employment, and it hosts weekly dinners that bring together people experiencing homelessness and...

Benjamin Fulford: July 16, 2018


Crop Circles From The Air – Highlights of the 2017 Season

[youtube] Feature length film of exclusive aerial footage of the highlights of the 2017 crop circle season in England. Extra Aerial Footage Courtesy of Gary King, host of 'Against The Grain' Please 'Like' our page: Filmed and Edited by Hugh Newman, using DJI Phantom 4, DJI Mavic Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. Music Credits I Am Running Down...

Connecting Consciousness Q & A – Simon Parkes – July 15 2018


Rebooting From ‘Spiritual Burnout’ To Find Your Own Truth

by Kalayna Colibri Audio version below Feeling done, burnt out, saturated with information, ‘truths’, knowledge, read-outs from others… does this feel familiar? Does part of you feel sometimes like they want to ‘chuck Ascension out the window’ along with your own healing path, or maybe at least take a very conscious break from it? Maybe you’ve holed up in front of Netflix...