by Laura Henry

After scouring the internet for good predictive information about the upcoming solar eclipse and new moon on August 21, I couldn’t find what I would have liked to have read, so I decided to write my own column, which I hope some of you find helpful and enlightening regarding the eclipse. If you are interested in discovering more about how this will affect you personally, contact me for a reading as this particular eclipse is going to affect us all for the next 19 years! It’s a big one folks!

First some information about the eclipse itself. According to the Vedic tradition, it is inauspicious to go outside during an eclipse. During an eclipse, both the Sun and the Moon lose their power. The Sun represents our vital, conscious masculine power and the Moon represents our subconscious, emotional, feminine power. Both are reduced by at least 70% if we go out into an eclipse while it is occurring, draining our solar and lunar energies. It is recommended not to eat anything 12 hours (for adults) prior to the eclipse and not to drink anything 3 hours beforehand. It is also recommended to keep all windows and blinds closed and to lie on the floor, with your head pointing north to pray and meditate while the eclipse is occurring. Take a bath or shower before and after the eclipse.

When something is eclipsed, it is completely overshadowed and it’s light, brightness or reputation is somehow taken away and something new is revealed. We don’t always know what exactly is going to be revealed once light touches it again, but we do know that something is going to be extinguished or ended in order for a new cycle to begin again. How things will change will become clearer when retrograde Mercury goes direct on September 5 at the exact eclipse degree of 28 Leo, triggering forward movement. We will look at what areas of life these changes are going to come for each of the Sun signs. If you know your rising sign, read that as well as it will be more accurate for you. If you know your time of birth, but don’t know your rising sign, pm me and I will let you know. This is just a very brief overview of what to look forward to for each of the signs. It is not meant to be hugely in-depth. That is for personal readings. I hope you enjoy this.

Aries – Creativity, children and romance are where you will find changes beginning in your life Aries. This can bring out your creative side or wake up your maternal/paternal instincts and the desire to have a child and/or be around children. You begin a period of creative freedom and perhaps become more child-like yourself. Your ruler, Mars in this house gives you the fire you need to get projects going and the confidence to get out and meet new people or put more passion into your romantic life. Sounds pretty sweet! There could be a change of partners, a new one coming in or a resurgence of romance in your love life.

Taurus – This eclipse brings your attention to home, family, ancestry, real estate matters. You could buy a home, renovate or redecorate; but you are really interested in putting down roots, staying put or moving to a place where you desire to create a long-lasting stable home. You may have additions to the family either by having your own children or new relatives joining the family. Genealogy may interest you as well as keeping close touch with family members. Watch out for arguments with family as things can be said in haste that may or may not be able to be taken back later.

Gemini – This eclipse is right up your alley, Gemini! Lots of new ways to communicate, short trips, new people to meet, clubs to join, networking, writing; you are just so busy!! Your mind is at it’s most brilliant finest and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show it off like only Geminis can. Take care to get enough sleep and remember to eat as you can sometimes get so caught up in your head that you forget sometimes that you have a body to take care of. Don’t burn the midnight oil so much and your mind will be so much clearer. You have the capacity to go further and farther intellectually than you ever have before. Take full advantage!

Cancer – It’s all about the dollars and your value system, Cancer. Expect big changes in your financial picture over the next 19 years. Whatever you were doing before, if it wasn’t working and it falls apart, be thankful, because it means the Universe has something better in store for you. Become cognizant that where you spend your money is where you place your value. What do you value? What’s important to you, not only financially, but morally and ethically as well? Get clear about these things and your life will start to make more sense as you make more sense out of yourself.

Leo – It’s all about YOU Leo! Just the way you like it! This eclipse takes place in your first house of the Self. You’re shedding the old self and rebirthing a new, improved self that will start to become more evident after Sept. 5. This is a long, on-going process, but watch for the seeds to begin to sprout. You are really coming into your own power and if you play your cards right, (ie. no ego), you develop into the magnificent human being you are meant to be! You have all the power right now, but if you don’t use this power wisely, it can backfire on you. Stick to your wonderful qualities of generosity, big-heartedness, courage and positive pride and you will do just fine.

Virgo – Dear, gentle Virgo, it’s all about the Spirit, service, mysticism and working behind the scenes for you. Meditation, spiritual experiences, helping those less fortunate is on the agenda for you. You could make great spiritual gains during this 19 year period. There is a caveat with this however, because the 12th house also deals with drugs, escapism, false gurus, etc., be careful who and what you put your trust in as not everyone and everything is as legitimate and trustworthy as they seem. Use your Virgoan discernment to pick and choose who and what you read and/or listen to or follow. This could be the greatest spiritual adventure of your life!

Libra – Lucky Libra! Changes for you come in the house of friends, hopes and wishes in the House of the Angels! Your social circle changes and/or expands. The north node in this house favors groups, politics, astrology, anything future-oriented, outer space, technology; thinking outside the box. Become your own independent self. Libras usually like to be partnered up, but this is a good time to find out who you are on your own. If you’re in a relationship, you can still do this without going your separate ways, just be true to yourself and your spirit and everything will fall into place for you. Take some chances and let your creative, eccentric side flourish. It will be fun.

Scorpio – The spotlight for you Scorpio is on money, power and prestige; how the world sees you. There could be big changes on the career horizon for you over the next 6 months that may become clearer by Sept. 5. It’s important to maintain a clear, cool head in these affairs if you want to keep any success gained during this period. If it goes to your head, it could all be taken away, so be sure to be fair and honest in all your dealings – a good reputation is very important, as is a clear conscience. Keep an eye on the big picture and act accordingly. When you focus on the small stuff, you become what you focus on.

Sagittarius – This eclipse period seems custom-built for you, Sag! Changes and opportunities for travel, new learning about foreign people, countries, truth-seeking, religion, publishing, the law, getting out into nature, exploring the world in general or re-discovering it are on the agenda for the next 19 year cycle, but most strongly felt in the next 6 months. Your previous beliefs system could be undergoing a major transformation – be open to the new ideas and philosophies that are trickling into your consciousness. Your mind is broadening as it’s meant to stretch now. Be pro-active in these endeavours and you can really go far – becoming a wise person, others look up to.

Capricorn – Sex, money, death, transformation and rebirth are your themes for the next 19 year cycle. This is really powerful stuff Capricorn. Shared resources or inheritances could bring money into your life at some point. Close, intimate relationships could undergo radical changes, whether that is a releasing of an old relationship, the transformation of a present one or the start of a brand new, intense partnership. You’ll be more in touch with the shadow side of yourself, but have the courage to look at yourself honestly and know what needs to be changed (transformed) about you and how to do it. You’re not scared to find out how the sausages are really made!

Aquarius – Relationships and partnerships of all kinds are where it’s at for you Aquarius. Others play a very important part in your life for the next 19 years, especially the next 6 months as the seeds are sown. You’re shedding old relationships and gaining new ones, creating a new posse. There is a good possibility of a marriage type relationship during this period as well. The new people coming into your life are intelligent, a little eccentric, forward-thinking, broad-minded – very much like yourself. Contracts and the law are also highlighted here. The eclipse could bring some hidden issues around this area into the light.

Pisces – Health, work, service and domestic animals is where you will find your attention during this next 19 year cycle Pisces. You want to serve humanity. We can’t all be Mother Theresa, but you can certainly find your niche. Remember to take care of yourself first– you’re no good to anyone else unless you do. Your interest in health and healing could be sparked, if it isn’t already. You’re going to want to take a more natural approach to your body and taking care of it. You find simplicity and beauty in everyday things and the beauty and elegance of a clean, simple life.

About the Author:

Laura Henry has been passionately studying and practicing astrology and metaphysics for over 35 years. She uses the birth chart to facilitate self-awareness and understanding as well as using the timing of planetary transits and progressions to maximize opportunities for personal growth.



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