It seems that lately, mankind has become overly protective? Or is there a reason for this? The new doomsday vault called the World Arctic Archive has become the Global Seed Vaults neighbor. Like what the Global Seed Vault is for plants, the Arctic...
Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is everywhere: Planes, trains, schools, workplaces, cafés, and even doctors’ offices, which I find quite unfathomable, since those microwave frequencies are harmful to the brain, i.e., one of the non-thermal radiation wave adverse health effects the... Steven M. Greer, MD is Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project and Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC. His National Press Club Disclosure Event in May, 2001 and the webcast...   Virtual Private Network (VPN) Definition How your employees can work remotely — and even use public Wi-Fi — safely Nick Mediati - December 12, 2014A VPN (virtual private network) is like a tunnel — it establishes a way to transmit data... Jordan is joined by his dear friend Jeffrey Matte of Montreal, Canada. On this show Jordan and Jeffrey discuss "The Corporation of America" and it's role in the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Recommended by Jordan Just a link I found about...
In Brief Researchers have developed SkinMarks, temporary tattoos with embedded wires and electrodes that allow users to turn their skin into a "touch screen." SkinMark tattoos have the added feature of electroluminescent, which allows the tattoos to light up...
In Sydney, Australia, difficult to identify small towers (apparently cell towers) with spherical tops have been popping up recently. When one of these pops up in the neighborhood, people in the area aren’t really told about it. We took pictures...



The Sad Truth About War


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