Andrew D. Basiago, time-travel pre-identified U.S. President, releases “100 Proposals – A New Agenda for A New America” in Truth, Reform, and Innovation – Proposes Global Teleportation System By ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE Andrew D. Basiago, time-travel pre-identified U.S. President, releases “100...
  Phillip J. Watt, Contributor Waking Times The uniting global culture of the 21st Century does have risks that it needs to address as it moves into a new era that can finally be classed as a civilized society. Yet, any report...
By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor … from Russia Today,  Moscow There is nothing like some internal opposition to stir the pot ____________ – First published  …  March 03,  2016 – Not debated is that the plane broke up in mid air Dutch lawmakers have...   Field McConnell's Website Please Support The Show – Jordan Maxwell's Website: Tune in at 8pm GMT Mon - Thurs

CrossTalk: MH17 Report   Published on Oct 13, 2015 Fifteen months after the tragic loss of MH17 over war-torn Ukraine the Dutch Safety Board has presented the results of its investigation. From the very beginning the explicit aim of this probe was to determine... PART 1:  RAYTHEON Multifunction RFDE System Patent: US 7629918 B2 Introduction of Patent: - EXPLANATION OF TRANSMITTER-RECEIVER BINARY SYSTEM -  APPLICATION - TRACKING AND MISSILE DEFENSE - APPLICATION - BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS HISTORY OF PATENTS LEADING UP TO RAYTHEON PATENT (2007) MILITARY: -  1945 patent for missile...



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