Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Anunnaki – Explained

A great 13 min video. [youtube]

The Corrupt Money & Banking System Enslaving Humanity – David Icke


12 yr old Victoria Grant Exposes The Corrupt Canadian Money & Banking System


Monsanto Corporation Gets Owned By 11 Yr Old Boy

A well-informed 11-year-old. Great job parents!!! [youtube]

Fraud Exposed in NIST WTC 7 Reports

To this day, most people, including many architects and engineers, are not aware that a third skyscraper, World Trade Center Building 7, mysteriously collapsed along with the World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. The official report on this building

Tom Campbell and Bruce Lipton: Two Scientists “See the Same World”

Tom Campbell, physicist (formerly with NASA), and Bruce Lipton, biologist (author of The Biology of Belief), discuss what they have discovered about reality from their unique perspectives. [youtube]

FKN Newz best rips 2011 part 1


5MIN News July 3, 2013: ISON, Solar Flares, Pierre-Marie Robitaille


Tom Campbell: “Afterlife” Within The Context Of A Big TOE…

I found this quite interesting. In this interview, Tom expands on questions that have received much attention in some of his previous interviews, and those are "What happens after we die?", and How can one "know" these things? And, from "Who are we in this reality?, what are the real consequences (in detail) of our good and not so good choices? His...

Entertainment – Enslaving the Minds of the Masses


A Must Watch Video For The Whole Family About Our Environment And Its Future – David Suzuki


NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT Deborah Tavares interview with Trevor Coppola (Conspiracy Con 2013)

Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell


How The Broadcast Media is Controlled