Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Intel processor vulnerability could put millions of PCs at risk

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A newly discovered processor vulnerability could potentially put secure information at risk in any Intel-based PC manufactured since 2008. It could affect users who rely on a digital lockbox feature known as Intel Software Guard Extensions, or SGX, as well as those who utilize common cloud-based services, a new report says. Researchers at the University of Michigan,...

Evolution: An Ascension to Universal Consciousness

If we are alternative news that publishes multifarious concepts, doctrines and ideas that are not read or even known in the main stream media (MSM), why is MSM publishing terror, wars, doomsday, creating fears and announce disasters to happen to humanity? Why are esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical activities never came to light last 100 years till now the last 25...

Roswell, Military Exp, Yellowstone Gases, Dulce, Giza, Ancient History – Kerry Cassidy w/ Eddie Page

[youtube] We will be talking about coming earth changes, being Pleiadian and many topics related. KERRY CASSIDY PROJECT CAMELOT

Crop Circle: Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire, England – Aug 13 2018

[youtube] This crop circle is awful... probably not helped at all by being teleported into crop which is over ready to be harvested and when all the heads of the crop hang over like that it becomes like Velcro and will not flattenen at all well. Youve got to be one hell of an Alien to take on a...

Colossal landslide buries roads in Beijing

This is the terrifying moment a massive landslide hit Beijing, blocking a hill road last Saturday (August 11). The clip shows a huge section of the mountainside suddenly collapsing onto the road beneath. Just ten minutes before the landslide, a man who recognised the warning signs stopped 15 vehicles from going forward, preventing any casualties. The road has been completely blocked and...

Alaska M6.0 Earthquake and Aftershocks Creates Yellowstone Earthquakes Too – Mary Greeley


Solar Minimum, Volcanoes, Yellowstone, 5G, Agriculture, HAARP, New Physics – Alfred Webre w/ Richard Alan Miller

[youtube] Seal Team#1 Leader Dr. Richard Alan Miller: It is a 3Sigma Event that the Earth's Ocean current's will have to reboot, as soon as by 2020 By Alfred Lambremont Webre WATCH Dr. Richard Alan Miller on with Alfred Lambremont Webre ACCESS FULL ARTICLE & LINKS Power Tools for the 21st Century The Modern Alchemist All Three Agricultural Books

Benjamin Fulford: August 13, 2018


$289 Million Monsanto Roundup verdict protects entire planet from genocide – Alfred Webre w/ Leuren Moret

[youtube] Leuren Moret: Solar eclipse $289million Monsanto Roundup verdict protects entire planet from genocide WATCH ON TRUETUBE.CO: Leuren Moret - Solar eclipse $289 million Monsanto Roundup verdict benefits entire planet. 5000+ Lawsuits against Bayer-Monsanto are precedent for Activism-supported lawsuits against 5G, DEW, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Morgellons, Radiation, GMO & the entire millennial bloodline Genocidal Agenda against humanity and Earth

NDEs, Reincarnation, Quantum Physics, Science, Binaural Beats Meditation – The Moore Show w/ Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell

[youtube] Guest: Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell Dr. Eben Alexander M.D is a neurosurgeon and new york times best-selling author of Proof of Heaven and Map of Heaven after coming back from a near-death experience that challenged his scientific view of the world. He has just released his newest book Living in a Mindful Universe: The Heart of Consciousness...

Wormwood/Nibiru/Planet X and Fear Mongering – Eddie Page

[youtube] Most might not know what Wormwood is and how it is all connected to the events of the present age. Eddie explains the facts and data never told by anyone of what and who is Wormwood, and why the people say to some, it is fear mongering. How is this connected to the ancient Biblical references of the...

Easter Island: Who was There Before The Polynesians? – Brien Foerster


Meet the Strawman to Erase Our First Amendment Online

[youtube] We walk around in the real world, but public debate and discourse happens primarily online, where "rights" are trifles to corporate platforms. Free speech is now a unicorn.

The 12 Extraordinary & Eye-Opening Stages of Near-Death Experiences – Bob Olson

Episode 4 of Season 8 on Afterlife TV: Near-death experiences are extraordinary journeys where ordinary people die (temporarily) and travel into the spirit world before coming back to the physical world. My investigation of the afterlife, coupled with my interviews of many near-death experiencers, have revealed 12 eye-opening stages most people go through during their near-death experiences. And this...

Reincarnation Is Enslavement

by Greg Calise Have you ever actually wondered why we reincarnate? Why is it that we have such short lives, and, for the most part, the only spiritual paths are very dubious religions and teachers? Or why those religions are built upon hierarchal structures? Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil in the world? And why such...