This is all pure conjecture and speculation, so peruse the evidence and points of contention with an open mind.

We are all well aware of the Michigan meteor last night, if you aren’t, here ya go; Michigan Meteor.

Let’s take into account this comment on 4chan, which was made roughly 30 hours before the meteor showed itself 4chan comment says “keep your eyes open in Eastern Michigan”.

And then we have this post from a throwaway account last night

If you have been under a rock, here is what he is referring to with false missile alerts; Hawaii, and Japan.

Now let’s turn our attention for a moment to military shenanigans. We all know about the missing $21Trillion from the DoD, yes? Well if not, here ya go; Metric fuckton of money missing from DoDand another link for posterity.

For those who can’t wrap their head around it; $21 TRILLION IS A LOT OF MONEY. Where did it go? What is it being used for? Space defense? Where does Space-X and Zuma fit in?

Another interesting tidbit is that the Army has made it a goal to add 80,000 new troops in short order source, added to which the EU is in the process of forming itself a military as well.

Now let’s focus on something else; and that is NASA’s failure to detect an asteroid which passed only 75,000 miles away from earth. Asteroid nearly hits us in November. Personally, I don’t at all buy that they didn’t know about this. It is my opinion they kept it a secret because they had no idea if it would hit or miss. Here is a case of another very large asteroid which came closer to earth than anyone would like, This one would have made us dinosaurs

How do ya’ll feel about predictive programming, because if you buy into it then this commercialis quite interesting.

There is also a show currently running named Salvation, which is about (surprise surprise) an asteroid barreling towards earth. And to go further back, I’m sure everyone remembers the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact, as well as The Day After Tomorrow.

Let’s circle back to some more meteor sightings and weird things going on, shall we?

This video appears to show an unidentified object destroying a meteor in Russia. This is from 2013, however if you believe a weapon was used to destroy that meteor, then it highlights the fact that weaponry exists to destroy interplanetary objects entering our atmosphere.

Then we have all the mysterious booms around the globeAnother video.

Booms create confusion amongst scientists

Article on the booms

I’m not sure how I personally feel about all of this. There is a lot to suggest things are not as they seem and that (obviously) we are lied to on a daily basis.

Asteroids are usually accompanied by large meteor showers. There could be something heading this way that they have known about for years but aren’t telling us.

Now again, I am not predicting anything here. I just find all of this to be pretty interesting, and I felt the need to share.



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