In 1995, Barbara Hand Clow published the Pleiadian Agenda, about her contacts with a stunning presence from the beyond. Now she’s back with Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, which reveals how to communicate with higher presences, and explains the mystery of crop circles and the changes coming in 2012. Then, Linda Howe reveals how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission my be inadvertently helping terrorists.

The Book
The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling The Pleiadian Agenda

In 1995, a Pleiadian goddess named Satya told her amazing tale of the nine dimensions of human consciousness in The Pleiadian Agenda. In this exciting sequel, Barbara Hand Clow takes these teachings to a practical level so that we can all discover multidimensionality in our daily lives.

Based on more than ten years of experience with students, and years of research into the new sciences that validate the breakthrough concepts in The Pleiadian Agenda, Clow presents each dimension in detail. Alchemy of Nine Dimensions:
reveals how the Pleiadians described the nine dimensions
sharpens our understanding with scientific and historical explanations
offers a startling interpretation of crop circles
helps you contact and work with beings in many dimensions, and
provides meditations on how to ground these nine dimensions of awareness energetically into our bodies

Finally, Clow reveals the true significance of the date December 21, 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar—and tells you what you need to know to begin physical and spiritual preparation.

The Nine Underworlds of Creation and the Nine Dimensions from the Pleiadians


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