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Send Me An Angel – Scorpions


India Plants 50 Million Trees in One Day, Smashing World Record

https://youtu.be/uS438Tu4NvE http://awakeandaware.ca/over-3-trillion-trees-have-perished-from-our-planet-since-the-dawn-of-man/  

New DNC Leak, Occupy 5th Anniversary, Military Buildup In Africa – Redacted Tonight

https://youtu.be/sDXNLZlhkeI In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp looks back at the geopolitical fallout of 9/11 fifteen years year. He also delves into the legacy of Occupy Wall Street, as it marks its five year anniversary. Then Lee covers how President Obama is ignoring pleas from top economists and lawyers to stop the harmful Trans Pacific Partnership international trade...

NASA: Fighting Cancer with Space Research – JPL and National Cancer Institute Renew Big Data Partnership

  NGC 3718, NGC 3729 and other galaxies have been analyzed using machine learning algorithms that can be "taught" to recognize astrophysical similarities. The same technology is now being applied to cancer images, as well. Credit: Catalina Sky Survey, U of Arizona, and Catalina Realtime Transient Survey, Caltech Every day, NASA spacecraft beam down hundreds of petabytes of data, all of which...

Why luxury TVs are affordable when basic health care is not

Competitive industries offer goods and services that are falling in price due to market pressure By Richard N. Lorenc - Photo credit: Charles Fettinger/Flickr Imagine this. You are feeling under the weather. You pull out your smartphone and click the Rx app. A nurse arrives in 20 minutes at your home. He gives you a blood test and recommends to the doctor...

College Turns Its Own Football Field Into An Organic Farm & Sees Students Transform

by Alexa Erickson Nine years ago, when the historically black school Paul Quinn College in Dallas was in financial crisis and had a 1% graduation rate, a new school president turned everything over, including the football field.“There’s more than one field of dreams,” said the school’s president, Michael Sorrell, who had no experience running a college. He urged that a...

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