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The Age Of Consciousness

Some argue that we, as a human race, are regressing. We are destroying the planet with mindless acts of deforestation and ever-increasing mining, forcing species to extinction, and emitting tons of carbon. Causing ocean acidification, depleting food, water and energy supplies and so on. Interestingly, despite these, and other horrifically destructive acts, more people than ever before are entering...

What Does It Take – Honeymoon Suite


FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ William Henry: The Ascension of Mary Magdalene

https://youtu.be/uY1jBhrKUpU Author and researcher William Henry discusses the recent developments out of the Vatican concerning Mary Magdalene...on June 10, 2016 the Vatican released a paper called: "The Apostle of the Apostles". Our conversation covers not only the significance of Mary no longer being called a 'harlot' but now not only is she the 13th Apostle but the Apostle of the...

How Big Pharma Targets Your Kids!

https://youtu.be/XAM7CkR_VBg   http://awakeandaware.ca/emotions-are-your-moral-compass-the-dangers-of-anti-depressant-drugs-mark-passio/

Transhumanist Depopulation: Elite Endgame – Dark Journalist w/ Catherine Austin Fitts

https://youtu.be/IbNdUFAc1RA Deep State Transhumanist Endgame in 2016 Political Race In this special part 1 of 2 episodes, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former US Assistant Housing Secretary, Financial Expert and Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine's deep analysis of the socio-political forces working under the radar in 2016 shows that unnerving trends like the engineered rise of autism,...