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FAA issues notice of GPS testing affecting aircraft over Southwestern US

© Wikipedia Commons An aerial view of the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. by Matt Novak Starting today, it appears the US military will be testing a device or devices that will potentially jam GPS signals for six hours each day. We say "appears" because officially the tests were announced by the FAA but are centered near the US Navy's largest...

ILLUMINATI Satanic Ritual At World’s Longest Tunnel Opening In Switzerland

Logic and illogic in education

by Jon Rappoport In two of my collections, The Matrix Revealed and Power Outside The Matrix, I include training in the art of logic and critical analysis. The basic fact is: students in schools are rarely taught how to follow a line of reasoning from beginning to end. Nor do they practice analyzing half-formed, specious reasoning. Who teaches young students,...

Take Me Home – Phil Collins

War Industry Muster: The Pentagon & U.S. Academia Connection – Christian Sorensen War Industry Muster discusses one U.S. military contract from the past week and briefly talks about its implications regarding U.S. foreign policy, government spending priorities, and overall militarism. This week, we provide an overview of the Pentagon’s relationship with U.S. academia. We name the major U.S. universities that cooperate with the Pentagon, and we briefly explain how each institution...

Space Weather, Hail, Flooding | S0 News June.7.2016