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The Joker – Steve Miller Band

Politics, War and Money – Bill Hicks

DARPA Teams Up With Mainstream Media to Push Microchips for Your Children

Phillip Schneider, Staff Waking Times It’s hard to imagine the mainstream media stooping to an even lower low than where they’re at right now, but rest assured, if you start to become comfortable with them they’ll push that line even farther. This time, NBC is pushing that Orwellian envelope to an extreme level as it advocates for human microchipping of children “sooner rather...

Important Information on People who have gone Missing in Parks/Wilderness! – Alex Collier

    Over 1600 Inexplicable Abductions in National Parks, Wilderness, and Urban Areas – David Paulides The CanAm Missing Project The first website dedicated to understanding the complexity and issues of searching, rescuing and investigating people missing in the wilds of north America.

The War on Cash Is a War on Your Freedom to Opt Out

Cash is a proxy for the freedom to maintain some privacy in an era of Big Brother repression, surveillance and the suppression of dissent. I’ve covered the war on cash i.e. the proposed elimination of cash, a number of times, for example, The War On Cash: Officially Sanctioned Theft (June 13, 2015) Our first question should be: just how big a share...

Common Core Opt-Out Movement Growing

By TJ Martinell Nationwide opposition to Common Core is on the rise, and more and more students and parents are choosing to opt-out on their own.  According to a story by U.S. News & World Report over half a million school-aged children opted out of Common Core standardized testing last year. In New York around a fifth of students simply...

Drone Footage Over Ruined Donetsk Airport

Coast Guard: Two F/A-18s crash in Atlantic Ocean, pilots being flown to hospital

Two F/A-18 fighter jets crashed off the coast of North Carolina on Thursday, according to the Coast Guard. Petty Officer Fagal Nifin said four people have been recovered and are being taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. The hospital is the area's only Level I Trauma Center. Nifin said the extent of injuries is unknown. Nifin said the crash occurred off...

The Flame – Cheap Trick

Saudi Press Says 9/11 Was A US Job – Corbett Report w/ Media Monarchy Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode: Story #1: FBI Trying to Keep Secret Biometrics Database a Secret Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation: A Proposed Rule by the Justice Department on 05/05/2016 Announcing the DNA Control...