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Daily Archives: November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013: Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm ‘Zoraida’ – rotation begins upon pulse


Spiral Architect – Black Sabbath

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Imagining the Tenth Dimension – 2012 Version


David Icke – The Truth About the Middle East Revolutions


Study Reveals Dangerous Levels of Radioactivity Near Fracking Waste Sites

Will Work For Free | OFFICIAL RELEASE | 2013

Are machines replacing humans?

First **live** artist taxi driver event Leeds I feel scared about everything

Remote controlled Cockroach

Why You Should Care: US Generals Fired (E39)

4MIN News November 10, 2013: X Flare, Haiyan, Spaceweather

Super Typhoon Aftermath: Haiyan leaves thousands dead, devastation in Philippines